Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Cheque Deposit Kiosk, a self-service device that allows customers to deposit cheque without the need for manual help or supervision. Customers no longer have to wait in huge queues, fill out deposit slips for depositing to any desk. The bank can host their own application for complete processing the cheques.

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Cheque Deposit Kiosk


The Cheque Deposit Kiosk offers a convenient and time-saving solution for customers who wish to deposit cheques without the need for manual intervention. The kiosk streamlines the deposit process, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency for both the customer and the bank.

The primary audience for the Cheque Deposit Kiosk is the retail banking industry, specifically customers who frequently deposit cheques. The kiosk is also suitable for small businesses that receive large volumes of cheques for payment.


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QPK-CDK17-i3 / i5


17 / 19 / 21 inch
LCD / LED, Full
Touch Screen



80 mm
Thermal Printer


Checque Scanner



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