Digital Signage Solutions & Displays

From a single screen to an entire video wall, we’ll help you keep people informed and connected with the latest company news, offers, announcements, advertising, and more. We at Queue Pro offer digital signage solutions anywhere in Bangladesh.


Why Queue Pro Digital Signage

Queue Pro offers high-resolution media displays, LED visuals, and a wide range of integrated services to provide seamless and easy-to-understand digital signage for your customers.

Draw attention to advertisements and up-sell opportunities.

Boost your multi-channel content strategy.

Real-time content management and effective client targeting through scheduling.

Get opportunities to keep customers engaged and informed.

Replacing by displaying static posters to customers to reach the market.

Create engaging content to improve the customer experience.

Floor Stand Signage

Floor Stand Signage

Floor stand signage can be controlled centrally or locally and offers interactive options like touch screen or interactive signage, which allows for the playback of any type of information in digital or multimedia format using any operating system.

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Wall Mounted Signage

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Wall-mounted digital signage is a type of touchscreen kiosk that integrates handwriting function with computer network technology and is called an "interactive whiteboard," extending in size from 22 inches to 46 inches. Touch mode can be set to either single-touch or multi-touch..

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Podium Digital Signage

Podium Digital Signage

Podium Digital Signage can be connected virtually and placed anywhere in the business for maximum visibility and convenient access for customers utilizing this system, businesses can make it easier for customers to screen different important, urgent, and useful information from any location..

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LED Digital Signage

LED Digital Signage

LED digital signage has the potential to boost business profits by increasing productivity. With the help of an outdoor LED display, you can attract potential new clients and generate a healthy return on investment.

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Core Featurs

Simply and Quickly Display Different Contents on Screen

Media Support

Make your message memorable by using the power of motion videos and images. Additionally, you can display web pages, YouTube, live stream videos, and documents.


Layouts and Widgets

Display different types of interesting news, important content, widgets, updated weather news, and news tickers that will instantly be loved and appreciated by audiences.


Central Control Capabilities

Queue Pro digital signage networks have centralized management functions to keep track of all information on a single device or across multiple networks.


Scheduling & Screening

Different contents and schedules can be easily configured to target specific audiences at specific times remotely from a PC or laptop through our online platform.


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Digital Signage Ensure To Meet Your Business Goals

Digital Corporate Communication

With our digital signage display solution, customer demand is promoted by an interactive display board for digital promotional projects such as infographics, and product or service visualization.

Educate, Inform and Guide People

Make public and private sector potential by improving communication among staff and students. Emergency messaging can be announced in educational institutions, public places, hospitals, and offices.

Increase Retail Sales

Improve customer service solutions by capturing people's attention and directing them to the self-service solution. Draw in new prospective customers statistically and use feedback as a solution for the best experiences.


Our Partner Program

As Our partner program, we make arrange different meet-up program for partner for experience, services, solution about queue management system, Kiosk, and Queue Pro device.

Partner Program can arrange for the Financial Institutions, Bank, Hotel, Healthcare, Education Center, Call Center, Restaurant, Service Center, and more. Partner Meetup program help to make more audience, deliver promising product to our valued customer, Branding of Bangladesh. Promotional Meetup Program make increase to our Partner and briefly get to know more about Queue Pro in local and globally.

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