Double Printer Kiosk

Token dispensing kiosks replaced the older manual token dispensing systems that were formerly supervised by employees. This kiosk is ideal for queue management system or any service interaction system for generating the receipt. The organization can use their systems according to their needs where redundant printers are required to manage high volume of tokens.


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Double Printer Kiosk


The Queue Pro Double Printer Kiosk is designed to streamline the token dispensing process and improve the customer experience in queue management systems. This kiosk provides a self-service solution for generating receipts, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

The Kiosk is suitable for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, government services, banking, and retail. The target audience includes organizations that need to manage large volumes of customers in a fast and efficient manner.


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Model QPK-DPK17-i3/i5


17 / 19 / 21 inch
Full Touch Screen


Thermal Printer


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