Information Display Kiosk

Information Display Kiosk, as interactive kiosk enables the organization make provide information to different audience. The organization can host their own application for providing information through easy navigation. This kiosk can be used in different locations where visitors are gathered for information collection.


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Information Display Kiosk

The Information Display Kiosk is an innovative solution for organizations that want to provide information to visitors in an interactive and user-friendly manner. The kiosk offers an efficient and effective way to display important information, while also providing a convenient platform for visitors to access additional resources.

The kiosk is suitable for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: hospitality, tourism, education, healthcare, retail, and government. The target audience for the kiosk includes visitors, customers, students, patients, and the general public.


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Model QPK-IDK27W-i3/i5


23 / 32 / 42 inch
Full Touch Screen







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