Others Leading Industry

Queue Pro self-service solutions work well in other industries such as sports, restaurants, construction, transport, and so on, as these solutions assess customer experience, find requirements, and asses the customer journey. Our dedicated team is always on hand to consult with you about your requirements.

Management Needs

Industries that face difficulty in handling high-volume data throughout the year require a big number of resources and more specialized manpower to manually do the work. Companies must make sure that the quality delivered to their customers continues to conform to their expectations.

Set of Advantages

Friendly Service Environment

Creates effective interactions when employees are provided with tools that proactively inform them of the customer's needs.

Cost Effective

Using fewer resources for select activities allows them to spend time on other tasks, which can contribute to cost reductions.

Security of Data

Encrypt any sensitive data and ensure it only can be accessed with the high level of authorization.

Paperless Appointment

Allow users to arrange their appointment, scheduling, and self-service paperwork without assistance from a professional.

Great Customer Experience

Give your clients the best quality of service possible by enabling them to get their needs met without having to wait in line for a long time.

Streamline Client Journey

Ensure an obstacle-free client journey and top-notch customer service when it provide a crucial competitive advantage.

Transform Intelligent Solution with Smart Way

Digital transformation makes changing the look of every industry, even small medium enterprise level organizations. In Bangladesh, it’s difficulty to get the assign staff during the emergency time for access. So, Queue Pro will give the best solution and intelligent transform queue management services into different sectors.


Clients and customers can ensure to get accessible service by using Kiosks during emergency time.

Smart Management

Offers to get smart management services for get ease of services.

Improve Communication

Clients can improve better communication with customers by getting from feedback form them.

Reduce Cost

Clients and customers can ensure to get accessible service by using Kiosks during emergency time.

Reduce Delay Time

Different necessities of services, staff and customers reduce waiting time to meet services

Increase Satisfaction

Queue-pro manages to maintain accurate guidance info that ensures increased customer satisfaction for less waiting.

Solutions In Everywhere


All patients can ensure to get their health service by using Kiosks during emergency time

Queue management for Doctors

offers solution for clinic, wherever want to offer appointments for exact time, later or a combination of both.

Queue Management In Laboratories

follow different necessities for laboratories related requirements. Besides, optimize capacities and ensure direct patient communication.

In Operation Theater

ensure patient safety and highest quality of care; provide surgeons with proper access to operating rooms, services, staffs, and material to reduce cost, decrease patient delays.

Queue Management In ICU

different necessities of services, staffs, and counting materials of ICU related requirements.

In Medicine Deliver

Manage to maintain accurate medicine info that ensure patient safety and highest quality of care.