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Queue management was never easy in Bangladesh. Queue Pro solved the hassle of line management systems in Government Services, Banks Financial Institutes, Health Industry, Telecom, and other industries with an innovation that empowers people while ensuring a smooth operational experience.

Reduce your customer waiting time and digitize lines to provide a smooth customer experience.

queue management system

What Is Queue Management System?

Queue Pros Queue Management System is designed to guide individuals efficiently through service points to enhance their quality of waiting experience. Queue Management Systems (QMS) reduce wait times by using technologies like Token Issuer Kiosks, Counter Displays, Delivery Counters and so on.

The system is crucial in high-traffic businesses like government organizations, banks and hospitals, ensuring an organized and stress-free waiting environment. In various locations, a structured queue management process, known as “Queue Managers” or “Public Guidance Systems,” controls queues, contributing to a peaceful waiting experience.

Advantages of Using Digital Queue Management System

Queue management system improves customer satisfaction. The customer’s perception of service quality improves with less waiting, therefore effective queue management can both improve service effectiveness and lessen the negative effects of waiting on the entire customer experience.

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Building Elements Of A Queue Management System

Token Issuer

Token Issuer

Start the customer journey by printing a token using the token issuer kiosk, ensuring a swift and efficient placement in the crowd while minimizing wait times..

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Queue Showcase

Queue Showcase

Digital Signage displays the token status on the LED/LCD monitor. When the number at the top is sent to a specific counter, we can also announce that it's your turn to go there for service.

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Counter Display

Counter Display

The Counter Display unit is part of the application form where the customer will receive a notification alerting them that they are next in the queue for the service. During the announcement, the particular token number will be displayed on the counter display.

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Service Delivery Counter

Service Delivery Counter (SDC)

The customer support team uses the Service Delivery Counter (SDC) to help customers efficiently. When you ask for service using the TKIS, you get in line at the SDC, making it a smooth and quick process to get the assistance you need.

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Announcement System

Announcement System

The functionality of the Announcement System is made to prompt the client so that the next SDC is where they need to go, for any particular service. Admin has access to control the schedule of which counters will provide which services at what time.

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Central Dashboard

Central Dashboard

Central Dashboard is a graphical user interface that provides an immediate view of key performance indicators relevant to the exact objective or business process. Users can track branch performance and monitor service executives in real time.

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Customer Feedback System

Customer Feedback System

Establish a connection with your customers using the customer feedback system to understand their expectations and assess your delivery, creating a better relationship.

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Admin and Reporting Panel

Admin and Reporting Panel

An independently configured login interface is visible on the admin and reporting panel of the queue management system. The administrative group can see real-time reports about their business on the Central Dashboard System.

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How Queue Management System Work?

Queue Pros tailored QMS-Queue Management System begins by printing the token using the Token Issuer Kiosk and ends with an advanced analytics report.

The system keeps customers informed about their queue status, creating the perception of shorter wait times. By enabling the real-time update our designed QMS actively contributes to enhancing the overall customer experience.


Smart Customer Management Solution

Start Queue From Home

Experience the simplicity of queuing by submitting a registration form right from the comfort of your own home. Making the process convenient and stress-free for your customer.

Scheduling & Screen Management

Easily set up targeted content and schedules for specific audiences at the right time. Manage thousands of screens, upload, edit, and display content remotely from your PC/laptop using a cloud platform.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments conveniently and using the e-appointment system. It includes check-in, and check-out while minimizing your customer time and providing a hassle-free experience.

Engage Audience

Share news, important updates, widgets, and weather news easily. The customizable templates make it simple to display content your audience will love.

Centralization Monitoring

Enhance the customer experience with our innovative Queue Management System, empowering customers to track the real-time status of their tasks and gain insights into the specific department or desk currently handling their requests.


Deliver services while empowering customers with self-service options, ensuring a smooth experience while optimizing bandwidth usage for efficient and effective interactions.

Queue Management Assist Authority

Streamlined Communications

The interactive infographic display system streamlines user-service communications and provides authorities with analytics for effective user engagement.

Customized Solution

The solution provides multiple software and hardware components tailored to your industry-specific solution.


Users can easily adopt the friendly features that service providers can customize based on their needs.

Maximum Productivity

Using the all-in-one solution empowers customers to take the self-service solution while using less staff ensuring maximum productivity.

How Queue Pro Reduced Waiting Time In Different Industries

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Queue Management System For Public Service

Local customized Queue Management System has changed the most familiar scenarios in the Bangladeshi public service sector like government offices, healthcare and other public service centres significantly.

We are centralizing queues to enable citizens to take self-service using innovative queue management systems for better satisfaction.

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Queue Management System For Bank

Queue management systems have become one of the most effective and popular digital solutions in the Bangladeshi banking industry while ensuring short wait times, on on-time service using the self-service token system.

Get customer insight and improve the service quality to be competitive in the banking industry.

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Queue Management System For Healthcare

Queue Management Systems in the healthcare sector bring blessings to patients by providing convenient queue placement to reduce waiting time. The e-appointment system comes first to placing the queue from the comfort of your home.

Analyse the customer data and find the opportunity to improve patient service quality.

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Queue Management System For Telecom

Telecom customer care service boosts their service activity and the potentiality significantly using the tailored Queue Management system. Which helped them to reduce the waiting time and deliver the service faster.

Analytical dashboards allow for analysis of insight regarding the crucial factors to make business decisions improving service quality.

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Queue Management System For Education

Decreases the major hassle in Educational institutes in the season of admission and registration with the portable and tailored Queue Management System. Allow the productivity of students and efficient management process for staff.

Analyse the gap between students and administration and create a student-friendly environment.

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Queue Management System For Others

Other industries which manage lines and complicated service management systems benefited from implementing the Queue Management System.

Decently manage line while reducing the waiting time and ensuring a satisfied customer experience.


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