Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk

Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk Specially designed for any point of sales, this kiosk enables businesses to provide self-service to it’s customer. This kiosk can be used in transportation, museum or theater; where provide completely contactless ticket or pass. The payment can be integrated in the system and also POS terminal can be added to cater all kind of customers.


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Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk

The Queue-Pro Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk provides businesses with a convenient, self-service solution that enables customers to purchase and print tickets or passes without the need for human interaction. This kiosk offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional ticketing systems, making it an ideal solution for businesses in a range of industries.

The Queue-Pro Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk is designed for a wide range of industries, including transportation, museums, theaters, and other venues that require ticket or pass printing capabilities.


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Model QPK-TPK17-i3/i5


17 / 19 / 21 inch
Full Touch Screen






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