What Is Self-Service Kiosk: How It Could Be Potential For Your Business Growth


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From reducing costs to improving products or service quality and customer satisfaction, self-service kiosks can significantly help you grow your business. Today we will talk about how self-service kiosks can be potential for your business growth.

Let’s dive right in! 

What Is a Self-Service Kiosk? How do Self Service kiosks work?


A self-service kiosk is a device programmed to help a customer or user in communicating directly with a company, to receive the desired service. Some common examples of this are receiving bank tokens to attend the queue at a counter, purchasing tickets for a train or bus, or instant-pay for food takeaways.

The process is very simple. You approach the self-service kiosk, click on your desired service button, and receive a ticket or paper, without any hassle or wasting time. Besides in-house commercial operations, kiosks help with checking in and out of hotels and tracking check-in of your flight as a means to save time for both you and the airline’s business.

How Self-Service Kiosks Can Help Your Business Growth?


With time, kiosks have developed and upgraded. With the rise of self-service, automated kiosks, businesses have brought up the benefits of these. Self-service kiosks can boost your business in multiple ways as given below:

Decrease the staff needs.


Once you or your business can utilize an effective and automated device, delivery time gets reduced noticeably.  This helps you to utilize other resources at hand better. For instance, if a dedicated self-service kiosk manages the serial of the cash counter queue, then office assistants or other assigned personnel need not spend time handing out cash counter tickets. Your customer can simply go to the kiosk, press the button for the line ticket, collect it, and wait for his call accordingly. 

Deliver a Better Customer Experience.


Kiosks assist in reducing customers’ frustrations due to scheduling delays and unwanted loss of time. With self-service kiosks, customers have an active say in what they do or do not want in their products. This in turn helps companies gain valuable information about their target customer and provide more desirable solutions.

The automated kiosks reduce purchase time and delight customers.  The Business gets a boost by bringing in satisfied customers who help spread positive word of mouth.  You can also create a long-term sales relationship, as they perceive your business operations and dealings more favourably than other sellers. 

Improve Business Efficiency


Self-service kiosks reduce your external and extraneous costs, related to business operations. You don’t have to invest in manpower or printing materials to carry out information and distribution services. Consumers and customers check out information via the kiosks. Also, paperless work increases, helping people focus on more disturbing materials.

This reduction in costs will eventually lead to a higher profit margin.  And itself means growth. In time, all your business operations will run more efficiently. 

Real-Time Communication


Real-time communication (RTC) defines any type of live digital communication that is instant and without any delays in transmissions. With the speed the world moves today, RTC-Real Time Collaboration has become increasingly important. People want fast results. So communications such as live video, chats or virtual meetings and webinars have become the first choice of most professionals.

Taking advantage of this system, self-service kiosks have levelled up their delivery speed and increased the number of customers at their respective premises. Kiosks working with RTC methodology help increase the number of buyers or customers, which in turn boost sales. In addition, a bank or ATM booths, for example, customers can operate the devices and enjoy money-related functions, without any human assistance.

Receive better customer Insight


Self-serve kiosks operate consistently throughout a transaction giving better accuracy as the customer can review the order before confirming the purchase. Kiosks speed up processes and operations that are integral to a particular function but not necessarily enjoyable. And this gives a better experience for your customers.

The speeding up and on-time, instant delivery of reports allows your business to get information on your audience from any device. This assists in making easier, well-informed decisions. The ultimate result you get is Increase in profitability by either cutting costs or increasing sales. This is, of course, extracted from data accessed through your live reporting tools, connected to the self-service kiosks.

Consider what is needed before setting up your business kiosk.


To help you choose the best-in-class and most effective kiosks for your business, we suggest you get the following to understand the need

Figure Out Your Business Needs


Choose the kiosk best suited to your business goals and needs. Queue Pro, for instance, offers various self-service kiosks for your business. From Cheque Deposit Kiosks to Payment Kiosks to Information kiosks, you can check out various types of kiosks as per your business needs.  

A bank will use a kiosk differently than a library. A similar thing can be said when comparing the kiosk at a hospital and a restaurant. So, when you purchase a kiosk, besides its price, see if your needs are met as well.  Your business operations can vary from other businesses’ ones, so purchase only the kiosk that helps in your daily operations accordingly. 

Choose The Kiosk


Once you decide which kiosk you need, and whether you need a self-service kiosk or not.  You can discover a big number of self-service kiosk collections at  Queue Pro, it will give you a clear concept of the self-service kiosks and you also can connect with them for further queries.

When choosing your kiosk, make sure your device and its provider ensure the following:

  • An experienced support team that provides service 24X7.
  • Top-quality product with quick self-service and flexible information access.
  • Software portability is well-optimized.
  • Device productivity is at optimum levels.
  • The provider has sufficient industry experience
  • The device is user-friendly and can do multiple tasks as needed.
  • Highly secured with smooth access. 

Install Your Kiosk


Gather sufficient Ideas about how to install a kiosk and operate it before purchase.  If you feel complexity at any point in time when learning the installation or operation procedures, take expert help. Once you install your kiosk, check the output thoroughly before moving on with its commercial use. Make sure you always have the user manual with you so that minor or fixable issues can be taken care of.

Also, go over the installation specifications of the kiosk to understand what type of setting you need to install it.  Make sure you have the right electricity or power support.  And also make sure your software systems are compatible with the kiosk so that technical glitches can be avoided. 

Let Your Customer Know About Kiosk


Having a self-service kiosk makes you stand out among the crowd, especially in a country like ours.  In Bangladesh, some major industries are using kiosks now. Companies like Queue-pro are providing self-service kiosks to the education,  healthcare, bank, telecom, and even government sector as well.  You can be next to avail of such amazing services.

When you install a kiosk for your business, highlight it to the customers via manuals or brochures.  Emphasize the benefits of your kiosk to your customer on various media and communication materials.  Make your customers see and feel their positive return on investment toward your business and toward using your kiosk. 

Summing up


As the world gets digitized at a fast pace and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more dominant, business people, like you, need to adapt quickly. Your services and offers should feel more automated and instant than ever before.  Your customers should never have to wait for anything. Because nowadays sometimes the value of time is more valuable than money itself.  Many say “time is money” now.

So, if time is money, start creating work systems and operational strategies that reduce time at all ends. And one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so is installing kiosks as per your business needs.  These automated, self-service machines will help you carry out more paperless work, distribute manpower to other important, strategic functions, reduce the waiting time of your customers, attract more customers, and eventually increase the sales or revenue of your business.

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