Self Service Kiosk

Our self-service kiosk lets your customers place orders, make a transaction, check-in for an appointment, or make payments without assistance. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for reliable kiosk hardware to implement your solution.

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self service kiosk

Market Solutions


Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Check deposit kiosks let your customers deposit checks without assistance at their convenient time. Customers have no need to walk around the bank.


Single Printer Kiosk

Transform your public transportation system with our single printer kiosk. Our technology was designed with users in mind, making it perfect for railway stations, bus stations, and other transport systems.


Information Display Kiosk

The Information Display Kiosk is an innovative solution for organizations that want to provide information to visitors in an interactive and user-friendly manner.


Double Printer Kiosk

Double printer kiosks replaced the older manual token dispensing systems that were formerly supervised by employees. This kiosk is ideal for queue management system or any service interaction system for generating the receipt.


Floor Stand Digital Signage

Queue Pro Floor Stand Digital Signage is a digital screen that displays personalized content from a company for customer information and engagement.


Self Ordering Kiosk

Self Ordering Kiosk Specially designed for any point of sales, this enables businesses to complete the ordering.


Statement Printing Kiosk

Statement Printing Kiosk, a self-service device that allows customers to take print-out different statements


Health Document Printing Kiosk

Health document printing Kiosk helps increase efficiency in any healthcare organization like hospitals, clinic, and diagnostics centers.


Tab Kiosk

Tab Based Kiosk can be specially used as self-service visitor management. This kiosk can be also used in small scale customer care center or internal office usage.


Wall Mount Kiosk

Wall Mount Kiosk replaced the older manual token dispensing systems that were formerly supervised by employees.


Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk

Ticket Pass Printing Kiosk Specially designed for any point of sales, this ticket / pass printing kiosk enables businesses to provide self-service to it’s customer.


E-Enrollment Kiosk

Queue Pro e-enrollment kiosk, a new unique Kiosk Based solution that images and signatures can be collective in an interactive way. 


Document Printing Kiosk

Document Printing Kiosk, a self-service device that allows the customer to take print-out different statements. Specially; in the financial institutions, customers can visit to desired branches, service points for obtaining transaction, tax or other certificates and wait into queue.

Why Use Self Service Kiosk

Queue Pro is specially designed to help businesses to improve the customer experience by displaying promotional products, circulating notices, and managing customer interactions efficiently and effectively.








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