Self Service Kiosk

Our self-service kiosk lets your customers place orders, make a transaction, check-in for an appointment, or make payments without assistance. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for reliable kiosk hardware to implement your solution.

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Market Solutions

Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Check deposit kiosks let your customers deposit checks without assistance at their convenient time. Customers have no need to walk around the bank.



Information Kiosks

Information kiosks enhance the user experience by meeting the customer’s needs, fast-tracking the working process, and digitizing the information of the customer.


SIM Vending Kiosk

Sim card vending kiosks allow customers to get new SIM cards within a few minutes. Say goodbye to long lines and frustrating experiences – our kiosks offer a quick and convenient solution.


Payment Kiosk

Payment kiosks can be used in different sectors for collecting the bill from cell phone operators, utility service providers, healthcare, cable TV operators, and more. Different service providers can collect their payment transactions from the customer by using the payment Kiosk.


Airport Kiosk

Airport kiosk uses an automated passport control – APC system that the customs and border protection makes an entry process for eligible visa waiver programs for international and national travellers.


Single Printer Kiosk

Transform your public transportation system with our single printer kiosk. Our technology was designed with users in mind, making it perfect for railway stations, bus stations, and other transport systems.


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Why Use Self Service Kiosk

Queue Pro is specially designed to help businesses to improve the customer experience by displaying promotional products, circulating notices, and managing customer interactions efficiently and effectively.








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